A beautiful Japanese spread at Issho-Ni.

The dimmed lights and candle lit dinner sparked a great atmosphere for intimate conversations amongst loved ones. What a beautiful experience I had with my sisters at Issho-Ni. We were pleasantly greeted by the director and founder of Issho-Ni, Claire Su, She looked after us well, making us feel extremely comfortable and at home. 




A perfectly named restaurant, Issho-Ni meaning, together.  We were amongst people having a good time, laughing and enjoying each others company and being just that, together  in a beautifully chic and cosy designed restaurant.


Me and my sisters were definitely spoilt for choice as we browsed through the menu that offered various kinds of Japanese foods. I ordered the Homemade Kimchi, Spicy Lamb Chops, Udon Noodle Soup, Prawn Tempura and the Spider Maki Rolls. I absolutely love sushi, its one of my favourite foods. These maki rolls, were by far the best sushi I have had in a long time. The food was packed with flavour and every bite felt as tasty as the last.

The head chef, Eduardo Aguiar's passion for Japanese cuisine shone through every plate that was served to us. What an amazingly skill full chef he is and I am so happy to have tasted the beautifully presented meals created.

I had such a memorable experience at Issho-Ni, a friendly place that I will be visiting again very soon.

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