Indian street food at Scarlet Rasoi

I was really exited to see an Indian street food restaurant in the O2 because I was in the mood of sitting comfortably in a nice environment with friends. I really didn't feel like having a burger or something quick, which is what the O2 mostly has on offer.

We came across a friendly waiter standing outside a lovely looking restaurant called, 'Scarlet Rasoi.' He kindly offered us some masala chips, we all loved the taste and felt immediately drawn to the place.

Another waiter quickly returned with a table, unfortunately the table was right in the corner of the restaurant. To get us all in he added a chair on the edge of the table which was directly in front of the mini fridge filled with drinks. He than noticed that it would be a bit of a squeeze and so he offered to move us to a bigger table after we had just sat down.

Once we had all comfortably been seated we ordered our starters, Samosa Chaat, Chicken Tikka and Golgappa. The starters arrived quickly and there was barely any wait time. We were all really hungry and couldn't wait to get stuck in. The Samosa Chaat and Chicken Tikka was bland it really lacked in flavour. I was really disappointed with the Golgappa as this was a starter I was really looking forward to. There was not much filling, the portion was really small and the Amlee juice tasted as though it was watered down, also I'm not quite sure about combining the tropical juice with the Golgappa, It was a strange taste.

Soon after, our main dishes arrived, Gun Powder Paneer, Butter Chicken Curry, Turmeric Dall and Masala Chips. The Gun Powder Paneer looked like the whole block of cheese was grilled, sliced and served with naan. It tasted bland with a hint of charcoal. The Turmeric Dall - average.

Scarlet Rasoi looks very chic and modern on the outside. Great ambience, comfortable atmosphere, with bollywood music to set the indian theme. The Masala chips was probably the best food on the menu.  Sadly, I don't think I will be visiting again in a hurry as the rest of the food didn't leave me asking for more.

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