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Hello and welcome to my blog.

I'm in my early thirties and i'm a busy mum of two boys. I started this blog because I wanted to have ownership of something I can call my own. After having my two little rugrats I shared everything from my personal space to my body so to have this space to share my views and opinions on things I love doing is my way of having my time and space, which is what I believe all us mums need, to keep sane. 

I love eating out and trying out new recipes, especially those surprising dull dishes that might awaken my tastebuds. I thought why not document all the places I have had the opportunity to have a meal at. I also really enjoy trying out new recipes too, especially quick and healthy meals that my boys would love chowing down. I will also be logging my opinions on recipes that I will try along the way. 

I love family days out and visiting new places. I believe that you should always try new experiences because thats what helps you to stay grounded, stay at peace, gain knowledge, learn about the world and learn new things about yourself. I have always found that it is the new experiences that has helped me to evolve into becoming my better self. This is a belief that I have always wanted to pass on to my children, so I really pride myself in building memories with my little ones. So, you will also find reviews and opinions on places we have visited and explored.

I hope you enjoy taking a little peek into my so called life, just as much as I enjoy documenting it. 


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