I have seen EL&N cafe all over Instagram and I wanted to check it out for myself. I wanted to see if it really was as good as the bloggers and the Instagrammers made out it out to be.

I remember feeling really girlie as I walked into EL&N cafe because I was suddenly surrounded by so much pink. The pretty pink blossom tree, the roses and the wall of pastel coloured coffee cups. All the decor was as it has been seen on Instagram, maybe a little bit edited but still really pretty to look at.

I called over the waitress and placed my order,  the waitress gave us a fairly good service considering the staff seemed to be rushed off their feet as the cafe was very busy. She did forget to serve my drink so I had to remind her at the end.

I was really excited to taste the food because once again, the pictures on Instagram made it all look delicious. I always wondered if the food actually tastes as good as the pictures on social media, I guess I was about to find out. I decided to play it safe and order the the Black Forest Heart as I usually love a chocolate gateau. when the plate arrived, I thought 'Oooh this looks good but it's so little.' I took the first bite which was from the outside of the little heart and it was.....okay, not bad. I carried on eating, feeling a little disappointed until I got to the centre of the heart, the black cherry mouse in the middle made the entire desert worth eating.

I thought the whole experience was okay, I wasn't completely impressed by the food apart from the smallest centre of a Black Forest Heart. Overall I felt the cafe was very mediocre, I do however, think it's a cafe to visit for a great instagram snap because it does look pretty with all the flowers, neon lights and pastel colours. It's worth the picture but unfortunately not worth the food.


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