Cristinas the casual steakhouse

Cristinas is exactly how the name says it, a 'casual steakhouse'. I could have almost walked straight past the restaurant not knowing it was even there if it wasn't for the large pink cow placed in front of the window. I visited Cristinas with my two kids and as soon as they saw the cow they were excited.

We got to the restaurant at 12:20 just 20 minutes after opening and as we we walked in, I noticed how busy they were already, with only a couple of tables left. We were seen to straight away and were also asked if we had a table booked, I hadn't but we still managed to get a seat. I sat the boys down noticing how much room we had around our table so we could comfortably enjoy our meal without getting in the way of others. The restaurant is small, with only 11 tables but I loved  how spacious it was between tables. The wooden flooring and wooden tables gave the restaurant a rustic vibe which matched the restaurants casual atmosphere.

I had a look at the one page menu, there wasn't much of a variety but it made it easier to choose what I wanted to indulge in. I love a good steak, I have mine medium rare so thats what I specified when ordering. The plate arrived after ten minutes and I wasn't disappointed. My steak was beautifully sliced with home made chips and a side salad. I also ordered the home made lemonade, which was really tasty, it had that lasting bitter lemon taste that gets you right at the edge of you're jaw, I love that feeling.

I ordered my boys the cheesy veggie pasta because as most kids, their favourite meal is pasta. when placing the order I was advised to get one plate as the portions are quite large, she wasn't wrong. It was a meal for three, my kids ate well and there were still left overs.

I felt pleasantly surprised when seeing the bill as I expected it to be much higher. We all ate really well, the food was really tasty and the atmosphere was casual and friendly. I really enjoyed my experience at Cristinas and I see myself coming back and being a regular. I hope I remember to book next time I visit.


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